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How I offboard myself when leaving a job (with gifs!)

I have left several jobs so far in my career. Some were because I was moving and other times it was for new opportunities I wanted to pursue. I always try to leave on good terms and handoff everything I am currently doing.

This is my list of things I personally do before my last day (in addition to anything listed in an offboarding document or process)

  • Remove personal files and browser bookmarks from laptop
    Old man moving the "My Computer" icon to the Trash on a Windows machine. The computer disappears when he completes it.

  • Pack up and remove personal items from my desk
    Man flipping over a messy desk. Items fly off and the desktop is clean when the desk rights itself and he sits back down.

  • Return extra office supplies back to the office supply cabinet
    (Broad City) Two women talking to each other. One has her coat open and is showing off office supplies. The other is saying "You took all his office supplies?"

  • Be at peace with the fact that the glitter will remain no matter what I do
    Two people lazily throwing glitter.

  • Hand out business cards to those I want to keep in contact with
    Man handing another this business card and saying "Do contact me."

  • Make sure all work in progress is checked in and pushed out to version control
    Woman saying "Check" and making a check motion with her hand.

  • Organize my research notes and bookmarks for handoff
    Man waving his hands while papers fly and sort themselves into boxes.

  • Recycle old notes and documentation (destruction completed as per company policy, check policy beforehand to determine if you need to shred anything)
    Seth Meyers shredding paper.

  • Hand out remaining stickers, tokens, and rewards
    Woman giving another a gold star sticker.

  • Organize happy hour
    (The Office) Three men dancing in an office.

  • Say Goodbye to everyone
    (The Good Place) Janet waving excitedly and saying "Bye guys!"

Leaving a job can be stressful and exciting but that is no excuse for accidentally leaving your favorite Golden Girl figurines behind.

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