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Where to use programming other than programming itself?

Gealber Morales
I'm a mathematician who has become a backend developer.
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Since I've been programming, almost two years, I have always had the impression that the main contribution of programming is not on the field itself. I do agree that there are many libraries and framework, that are such a piece of work that make us focus on this instead. Of course this can be also a matter of taste, but still I think programming is a great tool to solve problems on other fields.
I would like to hear your opinion about this, and of course I will accept any suggestion of what this other fields could be.

Here I'm listing one of the most common fields that I've been thinking about, but they are pretty

  • Education, not only for platforms that are focus on teaching programming but also other subjects. A good example of this is the platform Brilliant. They focus on Mathematics and Computer Science, but there's a lot of good material on math, that to me is not so common.
  • Health, no idea what could be done here, but I'm pretty sure there's a lot of projects that are playing on this field.
  • Transport, for a country under development, like the one I live, transport is a big issue.
  • Art, this is a niche that seems to be not related with computer science but still there's been platforms that are covering part of it. A clear example of this is Spotify, which is an amazing platform focused on music. A few months ago I discovered this other platform called Musixmatch, that allow me to read all the lyrics of any song I had in my phone. It's amazing, even more, is powered by a community, in a sense that you could contribute writing lyrics, correcting translations, etc...

Any other idea of where I should be looking at?

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