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Szikszai Gusztáv
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Base API: Honest Feedback Requested

Hi there 👋 I am building Base API a collection of basic APIs that a web app usually needs (image upload, email sending, authentication, etc...).

The thing is that I'm in a standstill (I haven't done anything with the product in the last half year) and don't know how to proceed with it. I really want to make this a good service which helps developers build products quicker and safer.

Since you are (probably) a developer and you face the issues which this service tries to solve is the reason I am reaching out and would like your honest feedback about the product.

It would be really helpful for me if you could answer any of the questions below:

  • looking at the site it is understandable what the service does?
  • what are the features that you would like to see in an service like this?
  • what do you think about the pricing?
  • what are the things you like / don't like about it?
  • from the available information would you try it out?
  • if it were open source would you use it?

If you have any other feedback that is welcome as well or if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them 🙂.

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