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Tuesday's live 1:1 support for devs

I'm giving away one hour of my afternoon to anyone that needs help.

Tech stuff I know and could help you with

  • Git
  • Docker, docker-compose, docker swarm, docker-machine
  • Create an MVP with 0 budget (services to use, design strategies, landings, tools, etc)
  • Python
  • Define an API
  • Define microservices
  • Convert a monolithic into a microservices architecture
  • Cloud architectures
  • Deployment strategies (CI/CD)
  • Define tech stack for your app
  • Django framework
  • Getting started with web development
  • Solve Bugs
  • Code reviews

When and Where?

Every Tuesday at from 7 pm to 8 pm (UTC+02:00, Madrid Time)


I speak Spanish and English

Who am I?

Since 2013 I was part of a startup where I was involved in several projects with different roles: developer, DevOps, team leader and product manager.

Since then I have been working in cloud environment, mostly AWS, and becoming a cloud architect and achieving different cloud certifications.

I'm also the guy behind

What is this exactly?

Think of this as asking for help from a teammate. You can enter the meeting and ask me to give you a hand with something that you're working on, studying, or stuck with. If I don't know the answer I will search for it.

Why are you doing this?

The reasons are the same that I've already wrote down on GetAdvice

If you have any questions just write down a comment or feel free to contact me

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