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Adriano Galello
Adriano Galello

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Free Docker consultancy (45 minutes)

If you're new to Docker and have some questions about I'm offering a 45 mins calls to help you get started or understand better docker and answer any question that you have.

Schedule a call with me at:

Disclaimer: I'm the guy behind GetAdvice (volunteers are needed!)

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This is super. Do you plan to write down some question and use cases, then share it later with the answers?

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Adriano Galello Author • Edited

Hey, the goal is to help any devs starting with Docker. I could write a blog post after for sure.

I only ask to the people scheduling the call to come to the meeting with specific questions, this is not intended to be a live tutorial on docker.

But please feel free to schedule a call if you are interested, it always better to have a call than just reading a blog post.

Disclaimer: this is a way to promote and try to get more volunteers into the site too.