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Build with AI with Suesi Tran - GDG Canberra

Join us for an exciting workshop on 10th April, 2024 in Build with AI with Suesi Tran.

Build with AI will be an hands on experience workshop where Suesi Tran will help participant build an Flutter application alongside integrating Gemini AI. Suesi Tran is an Google Developer Expert (GDE) but also working as an Senior Flutter Engineer.

Who should attend:

  • Flutter and mobile developers who want to stay ahead of the crowd in adding AI development as a new skill set.
  • Tech enthusiasts and students keen to learn AI and Flutter with practical experience.

Event Details:

Date: 10th April, 2024
Time: 6:00PM - 8:30PM
Venue: Wotso, Dickson, ACT, 2602

Please RSVP for the workshop on the following link:

Follow & Connect with Suesi Tran on LinkedIn:

Participants need to bring their own laptop. There will be a WiFi connection in the venue.
Meals and refreshments are also provided!

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