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Cosima Laube
Cosima Laube

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Making and taking babysteps

More than a month just passed since my last post about sustainable pace.

The focus on sustainability for personal stuff and professional topics was a good mental guidance to decide which projects to continue, what to start and where to say "No" to for the current moment.

Where to say "no" to...

For example my colleague Wolfram asked for a co-moderation of a coderetreat. That sounded almost too tempting to dive into that topic just now; read a book in preparation and then jump right in.
On the other hand I realised that I do not want to take another project right now. Was hard to decide & verbalize - but: I did it.

What to continue...

Definitely listening. To other people. And to myself.

Asking powerful questions. And listen to other people who ask powerful questions.

Daring to talk about 'obvious' things - because too often they are not obvious to all people involved.
Giving feedback about 'obvious things' as they are as well usually not obvious/common.

Being imperfect. Not just, but especially while blogging (thank you, Robert, for your inspiring post on Giving up perfection).

What to start...

Overcoming (old) fears, like fear of height in mountains... where I took this post's photo :-).

Taking in good feedback. Really take it in...

Appreciate the little things in life even more.

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Andy Zhao (he/him)

Thanks for sharing! It's really nice to get the insights of what people are thinking and their daily mindful thoughts.

Also, I love these deeply honest + personal posts. Makes me feel like a human again when I'm in front of a screen all day.

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Cosima Laube

Oh, thank you for your feedback Andy! What is especially valuable for me is that you let me know that also my post makes you feel like a human again. That really matters a lot to me.

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Robert Ecker

Wow, thanks for sharing Cosima :)
I really like the idea of doing a personal retrospective with the start / stop / continue pattern! Maybe I should try that, too :)

gazebo_c profile image
Cosima Laube

Thanks a lot for your feedback Robert!

Haven't looked at my thoughts during writing as a 'personal retrospective' so far... but you're perfectly right: it is one. :-)

TIL: How valuable it is to share (small) stuff and get feedback from other. :)

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Ben Halpern • Edited

cc: @jess I think eventually we might be using start / stop / continue for everything πŸ˜„

teamcoder profile image
Robert Ecker