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Gayatri Sachdeva
Gayatri Sachdeva

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No-code App | Stay safe, Stay informed about COVID-19

For your self-quarantining and remote working employees, here is an app to help them stay prepared and informed at all times.

What is it?

An informative application for everyone to get:

✅ Safety Tips & Prevention

😷 Symptom Tracking & Self-treatment

📈 Real-time Global Statistics

Why it was built?

To combat all the fake news, false rumors and incorrect statistics being forwarded/circulated across the internet, one of our self-quarantining no-coder at DronaHQ built this application for his fellow coworkers, friends and families to get only the correct information amid the pandemic.

How can you use the app?

Anyone can start using this news app by following this link.

The app works on Android, iOS, web.

How it was built?

The app was built on DronaHQ no-code platform in under 90 minutes using visual controls on the app screen, Sheets as a repository for news and the information being sourced from verified news links, using Integrations.

What more can you do?

We are working closely with individuals, businesses, government bodies to facilitate pandemic response systems powered by no-code technology. If you or anyone you know would like to explore no-code for rapid solution deployment, reach out to us at

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