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Making a Product Hunt like app without coding

When Indie Makers think Voting and Product promotions, they think Product Hunt!

When DronaHQ, a low-code platform company, was conducting its first ever low-code hackathon for B-school students, they wanted to showcase the amazing applications built by the participants to the world and at the same time, add a fun component of voting to the scoring criteria. Unable to find a suitable tool to make such voting possible the hackathon team built one on their own.

This is a must watch if you are interested to figure out how to bring ideas to life without coding! It is the behind the scene process that Partik followed and shows you how to build your custom controls, connect data from a sheet, and build the ideal app with all the workflows you need. Through harnessing the power of No Code, it emphasizes how simple it is to create solutions or bring ideas to life.

Catch the Tutorial Here

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