DronaHQ no-code platform adds to Marketplace Pandemic Response Apps for remote work

gayatrisachdev1 profile image Gayatri Sachdeva ・1 min read

“COVID-19 is expediting the digital transformation timelines for even the businesses that were not used to a digital way of work. What might seem overwhelming now is going to become mainstream and we all must be equipped to keep creating value for the customers, the employees, and the business,” says Divyesh Kharade, DronaHQ Co-founder.

We are launching COVID-19 response apps that enable organizations to counter workplace disruptions brought on by the pandemic.

The apps released aim to facilitate remote work with apps like:

  • employee wellness tracking,
  • health logs recording for employees and visitors,
  • leadership connect,
  • pandemic awareness and safety tips, and
  • WFH time and task management.

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