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Jenkins not executing jobs (pending – waiting for next executor)


In jenkins while executing multiple jobs in parallel. Upto a specific number of jobs are running in parallel, but beyond that, if we submit any job, it was going to waiting state.


In this case, jenkins is executing jobs in parallel upto some number. That means somewhere we need to increase the parallelism paramater.

  • go to Jenkins -> Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes
  • check whether all nodes are active and healthy
  • Check whether disk space is available in nodes

If everything is fine and if the machine have enough hardware configuration, you can increase the number of executors.

How to increase no of executors in jenkins

By default Jenkins has 2 executors. But you can increase the no of executors. You can follow the below given steps.

  • Go to manage Jenkins.
  • After that click om configure system.
  • Inside configure Jenkins you can find #of executors parameter.

Now you can set your desire executors.

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