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Gautham Prakash
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My 3 year Linux anniversary

Hi all,

It's been close to 3 years (newbie in Linux standards) since I've made the switch to full time desktop Linux and I just want to put it out there that I've been really enjoying the whole journey and learned a lot from the community than I ever did from anywhere else. It had helped me understand more about software and computers and also improved my workflow and speed up computing tasks in general and my love for the terminal keeps on reaching newer heights.

I believe that Linux would be very interesting for those people who likes the DIY approach and since Windows 11 doesn't offer decent support for older hardware that can be one of the many reasons for you to change to a much more free and privacy respecting more secure and open operating system build by the people without business intentions (*not all though).

Don't blindly switch to Linux when someone says so! It's not for everybody and I respect that. But for any of you interested in switching to full time Linux. Do watch this: linux-for-windows-users (The guy doing the video is not from a tech background!)

Do check out my blog (some things have improved from the time of writing): reasons-i-switched-to-linux

PS: Neither am I an activist nor trying to stir up any debate here Just the user!. I do respect other people's effort. But I prefer Linux over other operating systems that's all.

Penguin (TUX) image credits:Brian McMahon

Have a nice week.

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