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TNT Stack.

The new stack TNT stack

Are you a Javascript developer and, you know about ReactJS. You probably heard about lot's of stack like, mern stack, *mean stack, *mevn stack and more. But a new stack is growing in the market and very powerful. the name of this stack is TNT stack.
In this stack the first T represents Typescript, Typescript script is the superset of the javascript and this is very powerful language, lots of companies are using typescript in their projects, and typescript is also loved by the developer community.
The second T represents Next js, what is next js, if you are a react developer, you probably heard about the Next js, but if you don't, nextjs is a framework, build on the top of reactjs, it provides the server side rendering, means your all the html code imported from the server directly, it makes the application performance very fast and also very popular for the seo, because in the react their is no service for the seo optimization. these are some features that next provide us, there are many.
The third T represents the Tailwindcss, Tailwind css is very popular css frameworks. Tailwind is a utility first framework, means there are so many class that you use commonly in the projects and more. You can customize the UI however you want.

If you want that I create a separate blog for the all the technologies, comment below.
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thank you for reading, will meet soon.

this is my first blog. I will improve the writing.

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baasmurdo profile image

Coming from a MEAN stack & Been using the TNT stack a little while now, it feels and seems to work quite well.
There are obviously some things to get used to, but overall I like it so far.

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Roberto de León

This sounds really interesting, I’d really enjoy reading an article about a simple app with the TNT stack

gautamvaishnav profile image
Gautam Vaishnav

Thank you for reading so far.