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Evaluation of XPathResult is returning an error

gautamraju15 profile image ray_v101 ・1 min read

I have a xml and i want to read it's <block> node. But when i execute below XPath , it's giving me an error.

The xml that i am trying to parse:

   let x = `<xml&gt
    <block type="block_onGreenFlagClicked" id=";]jZ*Zs|[L-Sr{nhCB%V" x="25" y="0">
         <field name="NAME1">When</field>
         <statement name="function_name">
            <block type="helper_Player__walkSecondsDrop" id="9lo_/{gKTxB6/FRH2Pw">
             <field name="LABEL">Player.</field>

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