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My tools for front end development

Website to create wireframes -,

Website ideas ,

Help for UI-patterns =

for image use website ,

make buttons

make fabicon

Add Icons - ,


Grid -

Discussion (6)

aditya_kumar profile image
Aditya Kumar

Thanks for sharing this article

djmalibiran profile image
Daryl Malibiran

I suggest you create and style your own buttons. Inline CSS isn't good.

gaurbprajapati profile image
gaurbprajapati Author

thanks for the suggestion and I will follow it as well
But it is useful when you have less time and have more work

jeffrey125 profile image
Jeffrey Asilo

I beg to differ on your stance about Inline CSS. Yes it's a bad practice to have an Inline CSS on your HTML but the technology changes and some of the best practices we study are also changing, you might want to look Tailwind CSS for this.

kamil7x profile image
Kamil Trusiak

But Tailwind isn't Inline CSS ;)
It looks similar unfortunately, but in my opinion, things like hover:, md: etc prefixes make it much much better. So I would agree with Daryl here, inline CSS isn't good.

nzzareno profile image
Nazareno Garma

good content