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10 Essential Websites Every Developer Should Know

  1. : is a treasure trove of cheat sheets and quick references for various programming languages, frameworks, and tools. Whether you need a quick reminder of syntax, functions, or concepts or want to dive into a new technology, offers concise and handy summaries that save developers valuable time.

  2. :
    Git, the popular version control system, can sometimes be tricky to navigate. That's where comes in. This website provides a comprehensive Git cheat sheet, offering a quick overview of commonly used commands, flags, and workflows. It's an indispensable resource for both beginners and experienced developers working with Git.

  3. : is a one-stop destination for cheat sheets and quick references across programming languages, frameworks, libraries, and APIs. By aggregating cheat sheets from various sources, provides developers with a centralized hub to access valuable information on-demand, simplifying the search for specific details.

  4. :
    CSS Grid is a powerful layout system in web development. simplifies the creation of CSS Grid layouts with its visual CSS Grid builder. By interactively specifying the number of rows, columns, and other properties, developers can design and prototype web layouts effortlessly using CSS Grid.

  5. :
    HTML serves as the foundation of web development. is a comprehensive reference guide for HTML elements, attributes, and their usage. With detailed documentation and examples, developers can brush up on HTML syntax or delve into specific elements, making this website an invaluable resource.

  6. : hosts an extensive collection of cheat sheets on various programming languages, databases, operating systems, and more. Contributed by the community, these cheat sheets cover a wide range of technologies, making it a go-to resource for developers seeking quick references.

  7. :
    Similar to, offers a platform for users to create and share cheat sheets on diverse topics. With cheat sheets spanning programming, mathematics, science, and more, developers can access a wealth of condensed knowledge, further streamlining their workflow.

  8. :
    When working with HTML, having a quick reference guide can be a tremendous time-saver. provides just that, offering developers an easily accessible reference for HTML tags, attributes, and their usage. This website is a handy tool for any web developer's arsenal.

  9. :
    To improve coding skills, developers need practical exercises and challenges. provides an interactive platform for developers to hone their skills. With coding exercises and challenges available in various programming languages, developers can learn, practice, and expand their knowledge.

  10. : is a curated collection of cheat sheets covering various programming languages, tools, and technologies. By providing developers with quick access to cheat sheets on different subjects, this website empowers them to save time and boost productivity.

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