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What does a Computer Engineer do?

Gaurav Vala
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There are so many misconceptions about what a Computer Engineer does in his/her day to day job


The most common misconception is that computer engineers can fix any computer problem Which is not true.This field is growing more and more every day and with comes many different roles people can choose.

See, Computer Engineer do solve problems related to Computers(Obviously) but there are specific fields in Computer Engineering that any Computer Engineer has to choose.

Because there are different branches in the world of Computers for which there are specific job titles.

Different Fields

Web developer makes Websites. App developer makes Mobile Applications. Cyber Security Experts secures Internet usage. Data visualization is Graphical Representation of large data i.e cricket data you see on TV. And so many different branches have different job titles people doing different things.

A Web Developer cannot do A Network Administrator's work if you just ask him to do it.

An Application Developer cannot do a Cyber Security Expert's job if you just go to him and ask him to do it.

Like every other field, world of computer engineering is a big ocean that is growing more everyday because of situations made by pandemic and i would love everyone to know how much more we impact theirs lives then they think

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