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Markdown Cheatsheet









[ link name ] (link url)

Demo Link

Here the link url will have to be in specific format of :https:// yoursite domain


_ italic text _

demo text

Here you can also use star(*) instead of underscore(_)

** bold text **

demo text

Same as previously you can use underscore instead of start but use 2.


> your text here

>> nested blockquote

Demo text showing the blockquote

Nested blockquote text here


You can make 2 types of lists using markdown: Ordered list and Unordered List

Ordered List

1. Your text here

Demo 👇🏻

  1. Text 1
  2. Text 2

While making ordered list you just start from (1.), here the dot is key element for specifying the list. You just add numbers with dots to form an ordered list

Unordered List

* Your text here

Demo 👇🏻

  • Text 1
  • Text 2

While making unordered list you use the (*) symbol. the use of start symbol is not necessary here, you can also use (-) _ both works... _


![image alt text](image url)

Demo Image👇🏻

demo image alt

Code blocks

your inline code

Here you use the (`) symbol where your code is written in between two symbols


Your whole code block



While making a code block make sure to write the (`) two time on seperate line where the code will come in the area between them.


These are some basic symbols that i use while formatting my blogs on Hashnode or Dev to

One thing to keep in mind that some sites don't recognise the markdown if you don't give space between the symbol and the text so check the preview while formatting to adjust the space and format according to the site

If you want to to learn more complex components of markdown you can checkout the github guide for reference.

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