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I made my own VS Code theme in less than an hour, here's how? [Part 2]

Following my Previous Blog :

After designing your theme,

Go to your themes option by following url and download the source code (JSON file) to your device.

Alt Text

Now, this is the major step where you'll have to replace the current JSON file to the downloaded file.

so keep calm and Let's go!! 🚀
Alt Text

Open the VSCE Installed folder/ codebase (check out the previous blog) and you'll get a similar list of directories.
Alt Text

In the themes folder, Replace the Downloaded file from the current file and rename your theme to whatever you want!

Let's Make a .vsix file so that it can be published to visual studio marketplace

  1. open up your terminal

2 follow the command vsce publish, which will make a .vsix file.

Now, go to the visual studio marketplace console.

  1. Add a new extension by clicking + New Extension
  2. Select Visual Studio Code and upload your .vsix file and Publish.

Everything is done!✨

If you don't have an account on,
you can follow their official doc, here's the link:

If you are stuck anywhere in the process, do comment and Like the blog if you find it's helpful :)

Here is my VS Code theme Link :

Happy Theming!✨

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Mayanna Oliveira

I like new themes. Thanks!