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Zoom App cloned!!

gauravsingh9356 profile image Gaurav Singh ・1 min read

Recently, I completed my project on zoom app cloning. It is almost a clone of zoom app. Build with node, express, web sockets.

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  • Stop video
  • Mute audio
  • Chat feature


It uses uuid to make new links so if user want to communicate he/she can send that unique link to ones whom to communicate. It makes separate rooms on the basis of unique links.

Please give ur suggestions and feedbacks.
Thanks and Cheers!!

App link

GitHub Code


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Do you use a media server for this? Or is it just peer-peer?


media server


What server are you using?


Yes, what media server are you using for this? From the code and use of peer.js it seems to be peer-2-peer, but I may be wrong.


Super cool bro. Congratulations to all three members. Please add how to install doc.
App link works good on desktop. For mobile more responsiveness required.


Yeah, I need to check some queries...thanks


Awesome... Do you mind if i can clone it?


Of course. Do whatever u want.


Could you explain how you got video streaming to work? That sounds really interesting!


I'm guessing you used WebRTC, right?
It's the technology behind all the video-calling and collaboration apps that surfaced in the last 3 years.


Please send me your email address, or email me on ayotundeowo@gmail.com


can you give suggestion that how we can covert into and API