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Ownership - It's Importance in Software Engineering

A good software engineer's most important skill is ownership

Ownership is one thing I've learnt by hustling in startups!

And ownership doesn't just means to get the job done! 🙅‍♂️

Its about treating the product as your own, not just thinking about its development, but how you can improve the architecture, how can you improve the performance, and also how can you improve the product as a whole!

Thinking about new features.
Thinking about improving user experience.
Thinking about increasing user retension!

I love the Amazon's "Customer Obsession" principle, I truly believe it's one of the most important principle which separates good engineers from great one's!

One tip to improve your "Product Engineering" skills: Remove the concept of tech & implementation from your head before you think about a product, don't think about how complex it will be, is it feasible or not, just think about the best product you can!

Everything can be built by great engineers :)

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