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Made online Phone Message Sender

gauravsingh9356 profile image Gaurav Singh ・1 min read

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Recently completed a mini project in Python and with API. User can send a message to anyone from PC only. Please do give ur valuable feedback and improvements needed.

Thanks and Cheers!


GitHub Code

In above link go to main.py file for source code


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Hi, why not use Twilio? You can then expose a phone number and people can save it to their contacts. Otherwise, the way ISP's have been lately, your SMS message may be flagged as spam. Also, sending arbitrary messages without being able to receive doesn't seem very useful without a way to receive. Twilio would be able to help with that. For example,



Twilio is free for messing?


No, but it's insanely cheap.


Completely agreed..


Are you thinking of adding a feature to receive messages?


Yeah, absolutely