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How to use Local Fonts in CSS

There are many great fonts that you might want to use into your website but that font might not be a font which you can import to your CSS file like you can do with some like google fonts.

Importing local font into CSS is a little different than importing fonts from websites like Google fonts, where we have import at-rule (@import)


@import url('');
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You might have seen this syntax where we just pass the font URL.

Importing local font

Now, to import a local/downloaded font into your css file there is a different CSS at-rule that creates a custom font property that you can reference in your css file.

font-family: "Open Sans";  
src: url("/fonts/OpenSans-Regular-webfont.woff2")format("woff2"); 
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This a simple and clear syntax at first look, you are giving a name to reference your font font-family:, also giving the the relative URL to your font src: and the format of the font format

You can use same syntax again for different styles of same font like bold or light.

Here, you can use any name in the font-family, and reference that name in css afterwards, so different names for different styles.

Also, It would be a good practice that you create a fonts folder in your assets folder to store the font.

For reference and more detailed overview you can check out section of MDN on same here -> MDN Link

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