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Discussion on: Auto-unseal your Vault Instance on Kubernetes with Azure Key Vault — The Definitive Guide

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Guilherme Teixeira Author

Hi... It looks like your key no Azure is not found. Make sure you are referring to the correct azure key vault and respective key. Looks like your vault is named “myvault” and your key is “vault-k8s-cod-unsealer-key”. Is this correct?

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sd2020bs • Edited

yes its correct. i got this error when i used file storage. But then i tried to use storage "raft" with the same keyvault and key and got same result like in this article, but after initing the vault, it didn't unseal automatically, only with hand.
first log was:
[INFO] core: seal configuration missing, not initialized
after vault operator init:
and my vault status was:
k exec -it vault-0 vault status

Key Value

Seal Type shamir
Initialized true
Sealed true
Total Shares 5
Threshold 3
Unseal Progress 0/3
Unseal Nonce n/a
Version 1.4.2
HA Enabled true
command terminated with exit code 2