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5 Reasons to Choose ReactJs for Your Next project

ReactJS is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. It was created by Facebook with the intention of making it easier to build large applications with data that changes over time.

The introduction of React.js has changed the way how UI is built. React provides a number of benefits to create rich user interface, including ease of implementation, better performance, and excellent cross-platform compatibility.

1. Simple to learn

ReactJs is extremely intuitive which makes it very simple to work with and start building UI with it. Unlike Angular, it is not complex to get started. When it’s easy to pick up, developers can easily find a grip over it.

Also react being a open source library, there is easy to reach support in form of various communities with developers from all over the world

2. Reach user interface

With ReactJS, you can build rich interfaces easily. This is highly favorable, especially for apps as low quality UI pisses off the users. With declarative components available, it is easy to use them to build great interfaces easily.

With other technologies too you can build the interface, but it is not as easy as reactJS

3.JAVA Script library

ReactJS uses a strong combination of Javascript and HTML tags. The JS library helps to convert HTML elements into required functions which makes the entire process of creation of UI quite simplistic.

4. Component Reuse

No need to constantly churn out the same piece of tried andtested code again which is meant to be standard for some websites. In ReactJS, it is possible to split the components into reusable pieces which can be used individually as needed.

This fastens the development process which eventually is cost- effective too. You can also add browser extension called React Developer Tools that you can add to chrome or firefox to speed up your work.

5. SEO

It is safe to believe that Reactjs won’t be favorable for SEO because of the JavaScript libraries it is based upon. But it’s not true. React does not use JavaScript libraries directly. It uses virtual DOM that make the data render like a normal webpage.

It come as no surprise why lot of successful companies are incline to hire reactjs developers for building websites.
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