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Gargee Banerjee
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It’s burger o’clock - Pure CSS Art (Version 1.2)🍔

This is a submission for DEV Challenge v24.03.20, CSS Art: Favorite Snack.


The challenge said "Favourite Snack" and I couldn't think of anything but Burger.



It had been a while since I played with CSS. Here is the recipe
for the burger😊:

i)Box-shadow: To give the bun the burnt bun color.
ii)Border-radius: To shape the bun.

i)Border-bottom, border-right, border-left: To shape the cheese
And added highlight using pseudo-element(::before)

i)Border-bottom, border-right: To create the base leaf structure(A "L" shape)
ii)Border-radius: To give the spinach a round leaf structure

i)Keyframes: To specify the position during transition

I had no idea we could do so much with pseudo-element, box-shadow and border alone. I enjoyed doing this.

Thank you😊!!

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Image description

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