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Discussion on: How to Get Out of (or Completely Avoid) the Tutorial Trap

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Asish Raz

Ohhh man, I can't tell you, how freaking relatable this article is.
I am a man of watching tutorials.
You give me new tech and I will end up on Udemy or YT and will develop an app or project with the help of tutor and damn.
Next day, I call myself xyz developer.
I am fucked up in this tutorial trap or tutorial hell.
This article is a tight slap on me.
Thank you so much Andrew for writing this. I have been trapped for a year now.
Harsh truth.
Now, I have stopped it.

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Andrew Lundy Author

Glad to have been able to help Asish! I've found that blogging about what I've learned help solidifies that information. "To teach is to learn twice." Everyone learns differently, but programming is like riding a bike; you just have to kind of do it, struggle a bit, get better along the way and never stop learning.