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Ganesh R
Ganesh R

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Hi all, Help me with building my pc setup for game development, India

Hi, can anyone help with the monitors I need to buy and the storage and cpu to build because I'm confused in India there are lot of low quality materials we get on market can someone experienced help me out!,

Thanks, this would be great help

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Evaldas Buinauskas • Edited on

How much you can spend on it?
Do you need just the PC or you need all the peripherals as well?
Do you want a laptop or you want a desktop PC?

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Ganesh R Author • Edited on

Hi, Evaldas I need entire setup ! Help me with it bruh!
I have mac , yes I need desktop pc

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Evaldas Buinauskas

Didn't tell what's the budget, but I'd recommend doing a AMD build. Ryzen is crushing Intel right now at almost every possible aspect.

Look for a B550 motherboard, Asus should be a great choice.

AMD Ryzen 3700x or 3700XT series CPU will be great.

Cooler Master Hyper 212 will be a great CPU cooler.

Get a NVME SSD if you can afford it, if not - regular SSD. NVME will be faster but more expensive. Samsung builds great SSDs.

I'm not so up to date with graphics, nVidia with its 2800 series has been great, but check AMD 500 series as well.

Any high speed ram should be good. Check most popular brands, such as GSkill, Corsair.

Now for power, I'm not so good at it, but definitely look for at least gold, if possible platinum level of power supply and make sure that it can produce close to double the power your final build would require. You'll need to add how much power all of your components consume, you can find all of these details in product descriptions.

Can't recommend a case, but Be Quiet makes good and silent cases.

I've always used Dell monitors and can't say anything bad about them. Good for professional use.

Hope that helps.