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Visual studio code Productivity Tips | [2021 coding productivity]

Watch the above video for details and shortcut commands for the below points.

1. Deleting a line:

If you want to delete one line then don’t select entire line and press delete, instead of it just press command+x or control+x if you are using in windows which removed entire line of code which is way faster than the selecting and a deleting a line. The reason is it also deleted the empty line which is really magical. In a old school way selecting entire line or triple click takes lot of key strokes which you can avoid if you press cut command. Refer video for more info.

2. Copying line of code:

If you want same line to duplicate instead of selecting the entire line and pressing copy command you can directly press copy command I.e command+c or cntrl+c in windows with keeping the cursor in particular line which copies entire line and you can paste it in the line where you want which automatically will add the next line, no need of hitting enter and pasting the contrent. If you are selecting entire row and copy and paste then it will not insert new line where you need to hit enter which is not very productive compared to this.

3. Pasting line of code:

Always paste the entire line to the beginning of the line so that if you copied new line character together you won’t need to delete it or if you want to delete it just press delete, no need of going back to beginning to delete it

4. Pin the file:

Let’s say you are working on multiple file and you feel u miss the file which you use most then you can pin that file to initial place so that you will not get confused when navigating or switching between the lines

5.File search:

When you are working one deep nested files, instead navigating through file browser if you remember file name then just press cntrl+p or command+p to open a file search and here you just type the file name which displays the maching files and this is way faster than navigating through file browser.


For commenting out a code always use 'command + /' together and for uncommenting as well. Never manually add a comment tags by yourself. So this shortcut or habbit increases your productivity to the next level.

7. Use Plugins:

Always use the plugins for your development environment. I know 95% of the developers using it but if anyone still not using go for it. you can get pluggins over here, and you can search and install it. So before starting any programming you first find it's famous plugin for that, install it then start learning or trying out some apps. because this saves lot of time with code auto fill, spelling mistake and word suggestions.

8. Dark Theme:

Always use a dark mode theme rather than white colour, because which is healthy and eye friendly when you are spending 7+ hours in a day. Here 90% of the developers use dark theme, still wanted to cover 10% of the developers still not compfortable to use the dark theme. It may feel irritated for couple of days if you are switching from light theme to dark but for a long run it is healthy and saves your eyes.

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Loved to use this productivity tips from a long time.