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Magento - The Best CMS For An eCommerce Platform

Gandhar Kulkarni
MilesWeb is one of the fastest-growing companies in the web hosting industry.
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Magento hosting is the most widely used eCommerce platform across the globe. Most of the developers prefer using it because it is an open-source application. That means developers can easily customize the Magento platform as per their preference. The giant companies mostly prefer Magento as it is powerful and they have got enough budget for paying the annual charges of the Premium Enterprise subscription. And that is why Magento is the perfect platform for global markets. To power, the online stores the leading brands utilize Magento CMS. In this article, I am going to cover a few important pointers that will surely help you to build your eCommerce store.

As I have covered in the above section that why the giant companies mostly prefer the eCommerce platform because of the powerful performance. Now the important part comes into the picture that, downloading the 'free' installation of Magento is like winning a Bugatti car! It is surely a tremendous car, you might be fascinated with the idea of driving it but your joy gets destroyed by the "real cost" of owning it. There are several factors that come into the picture such as insurance, high fuel costs and time to time servicing. As a result, by considering the example, if you have enough funds for operating and maintaining your free Bugatti, you cannot go too far!

Now the important aspects through which you can decide whether Magento is the right choice for your online business?

• Business plan
• Budget
• Product Catalog
• Store functionality
• Integration With Other Systems
• Maintenance

Business plan:

The first and essential aspect that needs to be considered is the seriousness that you have towards your online business and whether you have a proper business plan for it or not. The question that you can ask for yourself as if you're a giant company then what is the role of an online store in the overall business strategy? How do you integrate it with your business systems? Do you have any online team that can easily manage your online store? One of the best solutions for efficient Magento hosting platforms is MilesWeb Magento hosting that offers maximum benefits. As it is a managed hosting platform, it becomes easier for you to ensure the smooth functioning of the website.

Another important question is that this online store is going to be your main source of income or you're just doing it side by side with some other business? Do you have the necessary skills required to run the online store by yourself? And if you don't have those skills then can you hire someone who can manage an online store for you? Last but not the least, the important question is that, are you capable enough to invest in CMS like Magento as the services required for it comes at a premium cost?


The budget is the crucial factor whether it is small or big. Even if the initial cost for Magento is free, you might think that you can pay for the later stage but development often incorporates high costs. In that case, it is not the easy solution to find good developers and you can't take risks in terms of outsourcing your project on freelancing websites, you may get confused about trying to find the best deal for the same.

So here are the important points that you need to know how much you can spend and for what?


Establishing an eCommerce website needs in-depth planning and attention. If you're serious about your online business then it is important to have a planning and good source of budget. This will surely assist you in analyzing how your ideas about the eCommerce store are fair enough in the market and how the result of this can be displayed online through your website.


Now the outcome of your analysis must create a specification document that can be used for developing a website. This also offers as a project, feature and custom functionality documentation. The major benefit of documentation is that, at a later stage, if you need to transfer the ownership of your online store to someone else for whatsoever reasons then the new provider will easily be traced about what they're dealing with. Additionally, good project documentation makes the maintenance process much easier.


Another important factor is the graphic and usability design. It is essential to give time to the design for refinement and usability testing. Moreover, the design of the online store should be simple and can easily be customized.


The development phase is the most significant component in terms of time invested in a project. The online store should design and develop in such a way that it satisfies the end user's requirements.

--Running expenses and security:

To run Magento efficiently, it needs its own little turbine to power it. So, choose a web hosting provider that offers you sufficient processing power for your online store.

--Ongoing maintenance and enhancements:

The most crucial aspect of running your online store is ongoing monitoring, tweaking and maintaining. For the ongoing maintenance, your Magento developer must be around whenever you need him or you can also engage a Magento specialist firm in order to look after your online store regularly.

Product Catalogue:

The important question arises and that is, are you selling a wide range of items or just one software? Whether you need all the features offered by Magento? The choice is in your hands. This is on the basis of the product catalog. You need to maintain your product catalog when your website is up and running.

Store functionality:

As I have mentioned above, you need some basic functionalities for your website. In that, for online payment, you need PayPal service for selling your items. At the initial stage, it may happen that your business starts with a small scale but at the later stage, it may get converted into a large scale for fast growth. In the mentioned scenario, you will be in a position to easily justify the re-development of your online store with Magento.

Interfacing with other systems:

Magento provides you the powerful connectivity to third-party systems like CRM, accounting, warehousing, and other free systems. One thing that you should keep in mind that if you need to interface with any third-party system that does not have any existing Magento connector then you will have to prepare the budget for custom development.


For the maintenance, you can easily relate the real-life example as if you have planted the seeds and the plant has started growing then you need to maintain the plant, garden and do time to time pest control. The same case applies to your eCommerce store as well.

The ongoing maintenance task can be carried out while using Magento, then you will most likely have to take care of the following factors such as:

• Upgrades
• Customization and Additional functionality
• Performance
• Expanding into the diverse markets
• Interfacing with other systems

Therefore, by considering the above-mentioned aspects I can say that MilesWeb provides you the stunning features about Magento at an affordable price. Apart from the Magento hosting the leading web hosting company provides various services such as shared hosting, VPS hosting, reseller hosting, cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, etc. in a cost-effective way. In Magento, MilesWeb provides LiteMage for the high-performance solution to cater high loads and sudden traffic spikes.

Now, why to use LiteSpeed + LiteMage?

• Magento Specific Caching
• Static + Dynamic Caching
• Low CPU and memory needs
• Quick Page Loads
• Native site crawling
• Native SSL support
• DDoS protection
• Multiple View and Ajax Support

The list of Magento hosting features offered by MilesWeb is as follows:

• Redis backend and session cache
• Optimized server
• Cloudflare CDN + Railgun
• Free Magento Installation
• Magento Consultancy

At any moment if you want expert guidance then MilesWeb's technical team will assist you from time to time and help your eCommerce business to grow. They will also help you with the upgrades, suggestions on plugins and even help you with database related issues.

Thus, to conclude the topic if you're searching for the best CMS for your eCommerce store then Magento hosting of MilesWeb will surely make the footprint in an online market.

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jeoffscott profile image

Wow, thank you for such insight! You have included all the important aspects!
I can add only some facts regarding Magento cost.
Most ecommerce agencies and sources state that Magento Commerce costs a minimum of $22,000 per year ($1,833 per month). This number is prone to increase depending on two factors: Gross Merchandise Value (GMV) and Average Order Value (AOV). But to get the exact cost for the platform, you’ll need to contact a Magento sales representative.