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Discussion on: Typescript: First thoughts

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Dylan Paulus • Edited on

I used to be one of those anti-static typing people; after using Typescript in enterprise projects I'm totally on the other side of the fence now.

The power in Typescript comes mostly from the tooling around it. VS Code can autocomplete, or tell you the structure of what functions arguments are expected. The IDE automatically yells if we get types wrong without having to switch back and forth between a browser. This is all huge when working in dev teams. Small or large!

Luckily Typescript is a lot less strict than most statically typed languages due to duck typing. This a long with the any type makes it pretty cool we can switch the lever between dynamically to statically typed at any time.

Obviously, this is highly dependent on the developer's efforts. 
You can write proper garbage with Typescript or elegant readable poetry with vanilla Javascript.

^^^ You summed it up nicely 👏