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I'm Heading to Adobe ColdFusion Summit 2023

I'm getting ready to drive 500 miles to attend to the 11th CFSummit taking place in Las Vegas on October 2-3. I'm looking forward to reconnecting with CFML developers that I've communicated & collaborated with online during my past 26 years of developing in CFML.

I'll be arriving earlier on Saturday before the conference so that I can enjoy the weekend and visit some friends that have moved to the local area.

Here are the sessions that I'm planning on attending at the moment.

  • Transitioning from WordPress to ContentBox: A Powerful ColdFusion Alternative w/Daniel Garcia

  • ColdFusion + GCP w/Aaron Rouse & Mark Takata

  • Best Practices for Securing your Secrets and Settings in ColdFusion w/Gavin Pickin

  • Stress-Free Major Site Redesign: A Real World Example w/Mary Jo Sminkey

  • GCP Firestore & ColdFusion 2023 the NoSQL easy button w/Dave Ferguson

  • Security in ColdFusion: A 360° Outlook w/Nimit Sharma

  • Code Performance Optimization w/Denard Springle

  • Utilizing Github Copilot to help with ColdFusion development w/Monte Chan

  • Practical Development: Tips and Philosophies w/Brian Horkey

Wanna connect? Some of my contact info is available via my aboutme page.

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