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I was prepping some tests for the awesome Lucee Spreadsheet library and came across an issue when one of my ID strings 9A was autocast as a time 09:00:00. I wasn't expecting this to happen as it didn't seem like a valid date/time string to me. I thought this could be easily fixed by adding a space 9 A and it was still converted to a time. How about multiple spaces 9 A... nope, it's still a valid time string?

Has anyone reviewed what valid and invalid strings the TimeFormat() tag can accept? I get different results when using Adobe ColdFusion versus Lucee... and that's a problem IMHO, but is it a bug or feature?

Adobe ColdFusion 2016 / 2018 Results:

"9" = NO "00:00:00.000"
"9A" = YES "09:00:00.000"
"9p" = YES "21:00:00.000"
"9#Chr(32)##Chr(32)##Chr(32)#A " = YES "09:00:00.000"
" 9 A " = YES "09:00:00.000"
"23" = NO "00:00:00.000"
"15.4" = YES "09:36:00.000"

Lucee 5 Results:

"9" = false "00:00:00.000"
"9A" = false "ERROR"
"9p" = false "ERROR"
"9#Chr(32)##Chr(32)##Chr(32)#A " = false "ERROR"
" 9 A " = false "ERROR"
"23" = false "00:00:00.000"
"15.4" = true "00:00:00.000"

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