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Using the keyboard shortcuts will improve productivity a lot more. So we highly recommend using the keyboard shortcuts to save time and money. Nothing precious than the time. We heard about the proverbs like ‘Time is Gold’, ‘Time waits for no one’ which indicates the emphasis of the Time. Using shortcut keys in your favorite IDE will improve your productivity better and improve your time management.

The developers should know the below-listed shortcut keys


Copy the file CTRL + C
Paste the file CTRL + P
Cut the file CTRL + X
Undo CTRL + Z
Redo CTRL + Y
Minimize all the opened Applications and show Desktop Win + D
Open Run window Win + R
Open Windows Explorer Win + E
Switch between two applications ALT + Tab
Navigate tabs on applications CTRL + Tab
Open Control panel Win + R + appwiz.cpl
Open Registry Win + R + regedit
Open Remote Desktop connection Win + R + mstsc
Open IIS Win + R + inetmgr


Open a closed Tab CTRL + SHIFT + T
Developer Tool F12
New Tab CTRL + T
New Browser window CTRL + N
Show page source CTRL + U
Add Bookmarks CTRL + D
History CTRL + H
Navigate to the Address bar CTRL + L
Find the page CTRL + F
Back Alt + Left Arrow
Forward Alt + Right Arrow

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You missed two big ones on Windows:

  • Win: Opens the start menu. Type in almost any application on your system and hit enter to start that application.
  • Win + X: On Windows 8 and newer, opens a menu of administrative shortcuts (pops up from the bottom right of the screen), including quick links to a number of useful settings pages, task manager, and PowerShell (or CMD if you've configured the system to show that instead).

Switch between two applications

Alt + Tab allows you to switch between all applications, not just 2! There's also Windows + Tab which works in a very similar way, but allows you to also switch between virtual desktops.


There's also Windows + Tab which works in a very similar way, but allows you to also switch between virtual desktops.

Fun fact, if you've got a touch-screen, you can get to the same app-switcher UI by swiping in from the left side of the screen. The really neat part is that this even works in many full-screen applications that otherwise capture all keyboard and mouse input (for example, VirtualBox in full-screen mode).


In Windows Ctrl+V is paste and Ctrl+P is print in most applications.