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Secure Outsourcing

While there are obvious benefits to outsourcing software development, there are also risks.

Software vendor you’re partnering with is effectively an extension of your team. You might grant it access to your company’s sensitive data and clients’ records, allow it to acquire a deep understanding of your infrastructure and internal business procedures and even learn the flaws and limitations your IT-systems.

We’ve all heard stories of firms getting into engagements with shady offshore companies only to discover, much too late, that the latter’s security standards were inadequate and the code they wrote was poor (either flawed or purposefully written with logic bombs and backdoors).

Each business that hires offshore software engineers potentially puts itself in a vulnerable spot. And yet the likes of Oracle and Microsoft, the titans of the IT world, have been using outsourced development for years successfully.

Secure Outsourcing: Before the work begins

So, what’s the secret?

Whether you’re seeking to take advantage of regional economies in developing countries (cut costs by utilizing cheap labor) or find hungry, well-trained experts with specific skills that you are currently in need of, you must address responsibly the risks associated with contracting out software development. In light of looming GDPR regulations, this means not only picking carefully who to work with (based on reviews, etc.) but also going through the vendor’s security management processes and ensuring everything they do is congruent with your company’s policies.

In this post, we’ll give you a few tips on how to stay on the safe side while using outsourced development.

If you’d like to learn more about the risks of outsourcing development and how we establish security when working with our clients, contact our expert right now.

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