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Discussion on: What languages and tools do you use that spark joy?

galoisgirl profile image

Before answering that question, I'd go back to the roots of the KonMari method. "Sparking joy" is an imperfect translastion from Japanese, says redditor:

Long and short of it, ãĻきめく(Tokimeku) is a compound verb by "Toki" and "meku", where "Toki" is derivation of "Dokidoki" (Heart pounding) according to the two main Japanese dictionary. Full meaning :

Daijirin Dictionary 3rd edition (åĪ§čūžæž— įŽŽäļ‰į‰ˆ ) - "ãĻきめく 動ã‚Ŧ乔ïžŧå››ïž―  : 喜ãģや期åū…おãĐãŪためãŦ、čƒļがãĐきãĐきする。" = Due to the joy and the feeling of looking forward, the heart is pounding.

Daijisen Dictionary (åĪ§čūžæģ‰) - "ãĻきめくïžŧ動ã‚Ŧäš”ïžˆå››ïž‰ïž― : 喜ãģや期åū…おãĐでčƒļがãĐきãĐきする。åŋƒãŒčšã‚‹ã€‚" = Because of the joy and the feeling of looking forward, the heart is pounding.

Looking forward is crucial in technology. Tools and frameworks are constantly evolving. Sometimes, this happens too fast, with people focusing too much on trends and buzzwords.

"Joy" is not the term I'd use for my experience with npm - quite often, it's exactly the opposite, I'm feeling very frustrated. But in going forward with my current project, npm is the tool that will let me reach my goals.

robole profile image
Rob OLeary Author

Yep, I agree that you have to look forward in tech, and evolve, but I think it's important to be rooted in the present and not to be swayed too much, or too far from the core of what you enjoy. Of course, sometimes you have to use a tool because of a work environment, or the high adoption rate in the industry. So, if you can choose, choose a work environment that uses your "happy" stack!

I have not had to use npm extensively, so I cant share your pain! The trend that some people hope for is to use native imports more in the future and reduce the reliance on npm, I believe that's the ecosystem Deno is going for