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Gal Elmalah
Gal Elmalah

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Go Code - Intro

Hey there, I'm Gal, a software team lead from Israel. I'm also a big fantasy books fan, runner, and MTB enthusiast.
My background is mainly in JS but I did get to dabble with different programming languages in uni & work so the notion of compiled statically typed languages is familiar to me (just a bit)

What is it all about?

Nothing like learning by doing, am I right, or am I right?

In this series of blog posts, I'll share my journey learning Go by solving different coding questions and general coding advantages. The questions will be taken from various sources like AoC, Code Wars, CSES, etc...

Why am I Writing this?

There are a couple of compelling reasons, at least to me.

  1. To think critically about what I'm doing and dive into specific aspects of the Go language
  2. Getting some harsh, honest feedback is always great, and what better way to get it than posting my code on the internet for everyone to talk shit about?!
  3. Motivate different people to learn Go or just have fun with various coding questions

Who is this for?

Well...just about anyone can benefit from following this blog series.
You can be a complete beginner or an experienced veteran, either way, you might learn something new or just have fun following along and solving those questions yourself


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