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Discussion on: Three Steps I Took to Get a Job Offer From Amazon

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Jose Galdamez

I went through a similar interview process and completely bombed it by trying to wing through most of it. The SAR sections can get you off guard if you can't think of the right answers on the spot. Lately, I've noticed how some employers prefer to give take-home exams or projects that test the role's skillset. They are simple enough that the applicant doesn't feel as if they are offering free labor. I tend to like that more than the grueling back-to-back interviews, but I also understand how more prominent companies have to make sure they get someone with the right cultural fit. Amazon’s AWS division is exploding, and I can see how their front-end code could get real complicated quickly. I agree with all of the suggestions above. Congratulations on landing the role!

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Alex Fallenstedt Author


Yes, the behavioral interview questions are very vague. I found myself caught off guard as well, but the interview prep grid really helped me discover talking points.

I actually declined the offer from Amazon and went with Streem I may write an article on happiness which relates to this decision. It took me several days to make this decision as I weighed the pros and cons of both offers and how each job would impact my family's future.