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Esavwede Ogagaoghene Emmanuel
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My 8 tips on Becoming A Better Developer /Programmer

So I've been wanting to write a post here for a while and I've been thing of the perfect article to write but could not come up with anything. Well at least I could post something useful for new and beginner developers. This points simply reflects my views based on my experience and observation.

So in this little article are the things new programmers can do to improve their programming skills.

  1. Practice
    When we practice and consistency works wonders, regardless of the area or field. Think of great footballers like messi and ronaldo, they put in years of practice into their craft and are now world class. So also it is with programming and development. The more we code, the more we get better at coding.

  2. Take things step by step
    Sometimes as a new programmer or developer, we can't just wait to build something awesome and show the world. It takes time and dedication to become an excellent. Take your time to learn every concept to the full and apply what you have learnt

  3. work on little projects
    Working on little projects helps us practice what we learnt and it also pushes us to learn more because most times when we're working on projects we won't know how to implement everything. So when we meet something new along the line, we go and research on the topic and learn more; there by improving our knowledge and skills.

  4. meet other developers
    This is one of the best advice you can ever get as a developer. Why should a farmer leave among accountants, can he easily borrow a cutlass from an accountant when his cutlass gets bad, will the accountant know the best advice to give when the farmers crops are not growing well, will the accountant know the latest news that the farmer would be interested in. Here the simple point I am trying to make is a journey is best taken with people of your kind; as they will be enough support on the way. You need to meet other developers and share knowledge and ideas together. Being a programmer or developer does not mean being alone or isolated. When you meet other programmers and developers, you'll learn things you never knew you never knew. There's always and endless flow of ideas to share with each other.

  5. Be curious and exited
    People succeed in what they love doing. When you're exited about programming you'll find yourself playing with tools and programming languages and you'll easily learn things. Your interest will serve as fuel to propel you to great heights

  6. Be patient
    Take things step by step and stop wanting to finish everything quick. Focus and enjoy the process, the result will certainly come.

  7. Be productive
    Build things and solve problems. Your skills will be improved and you'll get a lot of experience on the as you work on stuffs. You'll also get to meet other like minded people and who knows you all could build a great startup that solves peoples problem.

  8. Find A Balance
    Always find time to do other things and have fun. It is necessary for our well being.

    So this is my view on becoming a better programmer. I hoped you loved it and feel free to comment and if there are any suggestions or corrections I'll be happy to learn.

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