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Discussion on: DO YOU NEED COLLEGE/School, to be taken seriously with Web Design??

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Gabriel Ramirez

Technically, most Front End can be copy and pasted and there will be always someone with bad intentions of plagiarizing something. But your goal is to have a proper way to let others know how good you are.

If you want to focus only in visuals, you can always use other sites like Dribbble where you can upload PNGs or PDFs of your work to show.

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Bret Author

Thank you! I like font end, but I don’t like the “not that color, this” “I don’t like that button” “not that texture....oh wait, yes I liked that”,
I like where it’s more about being functional, like JS and React. I’m looking at Python now.

With Swift, I like how it’s visual, but that’s just a feature