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I hope I haven't scrolled over a too-similar question, but: What made you decide to work as a freelancer? I've got some years of work experience, part of it in parallel to my studies, and once every few month or so I consider going freelancer here in Germany, always concluding that it's very probably not a good idea for me at the moment. What made it sound like a good idea for you?


Hi Peter, sorry for the late reply 😇

This may sound a little strange but actually I never really decided to work as a freelancer - it just happened... During my studies I had some side projects which earned me some money. That went very well, so I came to a point where I had to register my work as a business in order to everything remaining correct/legal. Over the years working as small entrepreneur (in German its Kleinunternehmer) next to my studies, my freelancing income increased. When finally getting my Masters degree, I had to decide what to do next and since I had the opportunity to get two larger companies as clients, I decided to try freelancing full-time.

It's still going very well and as long as it does, I will continue freelancing. If someday it doesn't anymore, I don't have a problem with searching for a permanent employment. But currently I really like the freedom to decide when, where and how long to work each day, which is particularly family-friendly. I've been given the possibility to actually see my children grow up, take part in our family life and be there for my kids when they need me - and for that I am truly grateful!

Sorry, is this answering your question? 😅

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