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What is your daily source of information?

So just a few days ago I deactivated most of my social media accounts and now only use Twitter (but trying to lower the usage of it as well). So one thing I noticed is that when ever I'm bored or have any free time I will take my phone and try to open either fb or twitter to scroll trough to just kill the time.

So as you can image that isn't very productive nor does it help me in any way.

So I wanted to hear from you guys what are some of your favorite websites you like to visit to catch up on the latest news (preferably tech stuff), educational sites, podcasts and any other sites/apps you like to use to try and get the latest information and/or improve your knowledge and skills ?

If you are also signed up for some newsletter that you actually wanted to receive please do include them in your comments. Or any other link you think someone might find useful.

Since I was spending so much time on social media I thought I always knew what was happening but that was far from reality. So I decided to change some old (bad) habits and try and work on my self more.

These are some of the sites I visit:

  • Twitter
  • Devrant
  • My local newspaper (which has low to almost no interesting content about IT)

Thank you all :)

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Adrian Sandu

My focus is on the "front of the front-end", namely HTML+CSS, less JavaScript development. I take my news from a mix of blogs, newsletters, and Twitter. Here are the most important ones:

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Igor Ilic Author

Thank you, I will take a look :)