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Posted on - Top resources and community support for freelance developers. Feedback welcome!

Hey everyone, case study here!

I built, a site for Freelance devs to take their careers to the next level with top resources and community support.

The site provides :

  • Interviews/articles with successful freelancers (let me know if you'd like to participate!)

  • A community-curated selection of podcasts and books for freelance devs.

  • A community forum for people to ask anything related to freelancing.

The stack is:

  • Next.js, Route APIs for the Frontend/Backend. Next 9 makes developing in React so easy, bringing frontend, backend together, and providing SSR.

  • Tailwind as a CSS framework. In my opinion, Tailwind is the best thing that has happened to CSS EVER.

  • Firestore for data/accounts. Pretty slick, though I'm considering a switch to Hasura.

  • Contentful for the interviews and articles.

  • Algolia for data search (cities). Easy to set up and outstanding performance.

  • (YO, FREE top-quality illustrations!!)

Comments/suggestions? Let me know!

Discussion (2)

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Cesar Aguirre

Great idea. I really like the podcast section.

gabrilator profile image
gabrilator Author

Thanks Cesar! Took quite a bit to build that one :)