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How to find the right balance as a remote freelancer

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Hey folks! I recently talked with Gonzalo Nandez about how he found the right balance as a remote freelancer and wanted to share some of the beans he spilled!

  1. Don't try to do everything yourself. An accounting manager is not an expense, it's an investment.

  2. Don't put all your eggs in one basket. It may sound appealing to have a BIG client who will give you a good profit, but you will tie your business to a capital that can fall apart for a thousand reasons. Look for several small ones instead.

  3. Create your work area and work alone. Make routines to start the day and to finish it. These are psychological anchors that will help you not to stay connected all day.

  4. Be your own boss. Reward your successes and seek out punishments for procrastination. Comply. Discipline.

  5. Understand your client. If they want speed, give them speed. If they want quality, give them quality. You can't do both!

  6. Don't mess around and talk to the client (be honest), to other workers or freelancers. Learn. Never close your ears even if you don't agree. Look for one or two (more can become a distraction) communities that match your tasks and learn and help in that community.

  7. Don't neglect the triple (Family, Friends, and Fitness!)

  8. Disconnect your work phone after working hours. Unless you're a doctor or a fireman, the emergency can wait. Scheduling is vital.

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Happy coding!


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How do you keep yourself sane when working remotely?

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TAHRI Ahmed R.

pretend I am not.

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good answer :-)