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How to start at programming

gabrielrocha profile image Gabriel Rocha ・1 min read

Understand the concept of algorithms

Algorithm is a finite sequence of clearly defined instructions, which has as goal to execute a task. This concept will carry you during all your journey in programming.

This, for example, is an algorithm for studying:

Open book
Read chapter 5
Solve exercises
Ask questions
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Learn Logic and Data Structure

Those are two more of the most basic and important concepts in the universe of programming. Mastering those concepts, you will have much more ease learning any programming language.

Programming Logic

This is how the computers make decisions, testing if data combined to logical operators generate the wanted result.

Data Structure

This concept represents the many ways that a program can organize data, like queues or stacks.

Choose a programming language

If I may recommend two good languages for beginners, those are Javascript and Python. Those two languages are relatively easy and have huge communities, besides a variety of courses.

Respect the process

Programming is a very broad subject and technologies are changing all the time. Learning is a lengthy process, but it will give you great results.

Don't underestimate yourself

If you have difficulties at any moment, don't give up. That happens to everybody. Even with experienced programmers.

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