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Gabriel Leonte
Gabriel Leonte

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#twiliohackathon #WeHelp - A platform made for everyone in the town (Submission)

What I built

We help is a platform that connects local citizens and volunteers, with the goal of helping them getting necessary products from local markets with the help of volunteers

How it works?

This application has the backend built in NodeJS using Sequelize as ORM Manager, ExpressJS as handle server for Twilio API, and Socket.IO as client handle server. The frontend is entirely built in VueJS, CSS and Bulma.

How it works for the local citizens?

A local citizen can call the free phone number provided by local authority, and say his requirements, with some contact data like his name, street, etc. 2-3 volunteers would have to forward his requirements to the volunteers from the field, with, who have a local budget and maybe a car. The field volunteer will receive through SMS Volunteer Delivery System, the contact data (contact name, phone number) + a little description, and his mission would be to contact the local citizen and provide his requirements right to his door.

Demo Link

We Help

Alt Text
Alt Text

Link to Code

Github Repo

Test Account

Phone: +15014380799
Password: 1234

Free USA Call Number (you may test it with skype)

Number: +18554101733

Register Codes (Only USA Numbers)


!Reset password may now work because the phone number may be in a wrong format or the Twilio api is replying a 21308 ERROR

How I built it (what's the stack? did I run into issues or discover something new along the way?)

Well, actually twilio api was something new for me, and i can say that i am lucky. The last month was a productive one for me.

I've started from the idea that such a country like Romania, has a lot of small villages where a lot of population are 65+ years, so a platform like mine may be a essential one.

As a conclusion after 1 month, building this was not only a Hackathon project, it was a fun project, because while doing this i've experience so much things, from math homeworks to beautiful README fashion models 😆
Just check my commits name Right Here 😸

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