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The world of Awesome CSS Frameworks

In February 2018 I joined 😎 and also I found the amazing Awesome CSS Frameworks. I was in love with all the world that existed apart Boostrap.

I forked that repo and I created my own extensive list, with my style and organized in a way I can search easily the new CSS Framework I'd like to meet.

That way born Gabo's Awesome CSS Frameworks and UI Libraries.

After 4 years maintaining this repo I want to share some info may be interested for Web & React Developers (⭐s from January 2022):

If you need a CSS Framework/Framework

This TOP 5 are very good candidates to work with:

If you are into React

Then the TOP 5 Libs is:

Super Star repos with no recent updates

Interesting all the stars with no recent updates:

Do you need a Base/Reset

If I ignore the normalize.css 46K⭐ (because no recent updates), then you can go with:

What if you need a light one

Well, in this case I can recommend you:

Do you need to create HTML emails

No problem. There are frameworks for you too:

If you need a unique and special design

You can go with these special frameworks:

  • NES.css - 18K⭐ - Your web like a NES-style (8bit-like)
  • 98.css - 6.3K⭐ - Like an old Windows
  • Doodle CSS - 631⭐ - A simple hand drawn theme

From Big companies

Finally, in the Design Systems era, I want to show you the ones from well known companies:

A lot of repos to take a look, no?
And these are just a few. In my list you can check a lot of CSS Frameworks and UI Libraries.

Did I miss one? Just comment it so I can fix it.

Cover Photo by Maik Jonietz on Unsplash

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