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Equality in tech looks like
Everyone should have a place at the table. The common ground from my point of view is composed of respect, kindness and openness to learn and adapt.

Iā€™m an expert at
I have a bit over a decade of experience working with Java, SpringBoot, native Android, JavaScript and React.js (as of lately). I learn by doing mostly and I am often looking to learn new stuff, became a better software developer and always trying to be a better human. I love creating products that are used by as many people as possible, hoping to bring value to their time and make a task or more simpler. I enjoy working in a team, especially if the team is not mean to me or others that are not exactly like them.
I am mostly looking to collaborate with sustainable businesses and to keep a balance of work and life.

My advice for allies to support self-identifying women and non-binary folks who code is
Be a decent human being, and give platform to people that have less or almost none. Try to keep your own ideas of what other people's life and choices should be. Be concern only with the collaboration, communication, work and how you conduct yourself. Decent people will reciprocate this and give more.

We are highly productive and happy when we feel safe at work, our work is recognize in the same way other's work is, we are payed as others are in our own level, we are offered opportunities without discussing our family situation or other personal things you might see as an impediment in our career. We want to own our career as well as we do our life.

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Remote software developer playing with Java, SpringBoot, JavaScript and React.Js. Love creating useful products for people and always taking time for other creative hobbies.


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