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I wanted to learn how to transform a design/photo into a CSS and Html5 project. That was the starting point at least. Very quickly after I decided to transform them into React.js projects because I use React.js often and wanted a nice theme. Translating a photo into code has always made me uncomfortable because I couldn't do it. In OOP Java world I didn't have to.

Here is the gist:
Project 1: https://blog-react-theme.netlify.app/
Code on GitHub: https://github.com/gabrielaradu/blogreactheme MIT Licence

Lighthouse audit results:
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Project 2: https://story-react-theme.netlify.app/
Code on GitHub: https://github.com/gabrielaradu/storyreacttheme MIT Licence

Lighthouse audit results:
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The projects are free to use, and I will try to iterate on the code with better practices on the long but without a precise schedule.

Happy coding.

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Remote software developer playing with Java, SpringBoot, JavaScript and React.Js. Love creating useful products for people and always taking time for other creative hobbies.


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