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My first webapp with FastAPI

DO Hackathon

So a couple weeks ago I assisted the Digital Ocean Deploy event, where I learned a few things about the cloud and business on the cloud.

At the end I found out there was also a hackathon. DO happened to reveal a managed MongoDB as a service and the hackathon was a simple challenge to build a CRUD app with a UI.

I've been programming for 7 years and I've never programmed a fullstack app that included DB, Backend, Frontend and deployment. But I felt like I was ready, so I accepted the challenge.

What I would build

I decided I would build an app where you can send a message to the universe ✨.

What does that mean? Well it basically means you send a message from the bottom of your heart without knowing who will receive it. Maybe what you write is what another person needs to read at that moment. It also means that after you send a signal you could get one back and it could be what you needed to read.

Here is the mockup I made
Everything is in Spanish because I know more Spanish speakers than English speakers. I want to add english later on but for now this is all I have time for.

It was my first time using MongoDB but thanks to DO's managed service it was very easy getting it up and running. That and their App platform which made deploying a breeze too.

So if you know Spanish and want to try it out go to this link

Cheers! 🍺

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